The Mintyplex ecosystem is built for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts in the NFT space and comprises of our aggregator, launchpad, and community. We aim to encourage participation and interaction from all NFT projects in the Core DAO ecosystem.

Our aggregator provides a platform for users to browse, buy, and sell NFTs securely and easily. We aim to solve the challenge of fragmented discovery by bringing all things Core DAO NFT together in one place, allowing users to seamlessly browse NFTs across different marketplaces in one interface.

The Launchpad is a platform for creators to launch their NFT projects and raise funds from the community. It provides a simple and efficient way for creators to engage with their audience and grow their fan base.

Our vibrant community consists of creators, collectors, developers, and more, and plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our ecosystem by providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Our ecosystem will be governed and managed by our DAO, which is expected to go live in our Expansion phase. The DAO will be responsible for making decisions related to the development of our ecosystem, including the allocation of resources and the implementation of new features.

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